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Well it's about that time for me to replace my Xbox 360 Controler, except they are not really being sold any more on store shelves. Has anyone bought one recently? Where? How was the experience? I have looked online, but it looks fishy and they really are not saying factor sealed. Reading the angry comments on Ebay and Amazon confirms that these are refurbished in some way and bulk packed.
I buy mine new at wal-mart for 20$. gamespot here in kentucky still has new 360 controllers
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At this point I'd be looking into third party controllers. I got a wired one a few years back that was pretty good, maybe 95% as good as a first party controller. I wouldn't trust any first party 360 controllers at this point.
Thanks for the responses. I was able to pick up a wired controller up at Walmart. Best Buy had nothing for the 360.

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