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Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 started with little to no peripherals/accessories for their system. It's expected for a new console. Now, being 2008, there's a growing number of them. Everything from the Xbox Live Vision Camera to your favorite team's faceplate.

So let's run it by our community, eh? What accessories do you currently own for your system?
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I had four controllers... NONE wireless... I always found the play and charge faulty. I had a simple headset too.

Not much really... I'm purist... but, I wanted to see if they'd eventually make a damned G-Con for it... That would have been BADASS.

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My lineup includes:
  • 4 wireless controllers.
  • 20GB hard drive.
  • Live Vision camera.
  • Charging station for the wireless controllers.
  • 2 guitar hero guitars.
  • Rock Band drums, guitar and microphone.
I'm not big into headsets though. I may get the wireless headset once I dive further into online play though.
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If you want to include the hard drive, then yeah, I had that too... and only had the headset cos it came with the box set itself. I didn't even have live, so the headset was never used.

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3 wireless pads

1 wired pad

Wireless Live device

20g HDD


Wired headset
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Wireless Live device
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
Ah yes, I forgot about the wireless adapter. That thing is the most essential accessory on my 360 actually. It's saved me a ton of cables since my entire apartment is connected to my wireless router.
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i frown upon wireless gaming.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
Really? I haven't experienced any issues while gaming on Xbox Live and I've had wireless since I've started. Of course, if I'm downloading something or other on my PC, it will give me some lag. But other than that, it's been smooth sailing for me.
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Its much better with wireles for the simple reason of less wires to trip over and get tangled. plus its great for live. if i didnt have the wireless device id need a long cable...
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wireless is expensive and unreliable, that's all.
I'd agree myself, but if I ever want gaming in my room, short of fifty metres of extension cable, wireless is the way to go unfortunately... wireless gets me nervous....

May just be the old man in me bitching, but it's true...


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never had a problem with it myself. suppose its just down to luck...
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That's true... it lagged a bit, then seemed to warm up after a week and no problems since...

I'm getting a salary for my internship in winter... just over a grand a month, so I'm getting a 360 1337 (cos I can), a PS3 hopefully eventually an HD TV. Nice. And proper accessories. For fun...

Are there any G-Con games for PS3 or 360? o_O

Always fun, those are! ^^

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Two wireless controllers, play n charge kit, harddrive, 2 headsets and the media remote. Smile

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