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I have 3 favorite Xbox 360 shooter games.
1. Call of Duty Black Ops
2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
3. Halo Reach
What are yours?
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the big names are good, but i've always been a fan of the Serious Sam games too. you should definitely check them out.
Black Ops
Gears of War 2
Halo (obviously)
Battlefield bad Company 2
Black Ops does not beat MW2 imho. The game was good, but I'm not too fond of the MP. It doesn't have the addictiveness of MW2, and the story in the MW universe is a lot better too. Black Ops was interesting, but at the same time, it just fell below where it could be really great.

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Halo Reach. End of discussion for me xD;;;
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To me:

1.) BO
2.) MW2
3.) Reach
4.) HF
5.) CoD 1
6.) BC2
7.) Blacklight
8.) BF 1943
9.) Wolfenstein
10.) BF F2P
11.) Halo 3
12.) CoD 2
13.) CoD 3

Those are all FPS games I've ever played... CoD 3 just has never done it for me (in my opinion worst campaign of all and I got it on Wii so no MP)
I really like Black ops but im useless at multiplayer lol, I still think that half life 2 is a great one still, still cant beat good old fashioned doom also.
MW2, Rage, I used to be really into Black Ops, and Crysis 2
Halo reach and battlefield bad company 2 were my 2 first person shooter games
Halo reach is fun but tbh i enjoyed halo 2 online so much more.
It is a tie between BO and MW3 for multi-player for me. I really like the MW3 game types.
1. Battlefield 3
2. Battlefield Bad Company 2
3. Call of Duty 4
4. Halo Reach
5. Gears Of War.
6. Gears of War 3
My favorite Shooter Games on Xbox 360 have been:

1 - Call of Duty 4
2 - Call of Duty World at War
3 - Call of Duty Black Ops 2
4 - Battlefield 3
5 - Halo 4
Battlefield games are the only MP games I play for fun
Crackdown and Gears of war I quite enjoyed.
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1) Halo 2
2) BF:BC2
3) BF3
4) COD:4
5) Halo Reach
6) COD:BO2
7) GoW
8) GoW 2
9) COD:MW 2
10)GoW 3
Not a single mention of Rainbow 6 or Ghost Recon?

I have more hours into those than any other franchises, Battlefield not far behind though
ive never really been into halo much but gears of war over 1 million kills n counting yah been a gearhead since 06 cant forget masseffect n fallout

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