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How likely are you to pay extra subscription fees for Xbox TV?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 6 (10.34%) What's a few extra dollars? I'll pay to watch!

× 29 (50.00%) I will use Xbox TV as long as it's free!

× 17 (29.31%) Why do I need Xbox TV, when I have a cable box?

× 6 (10.34%) Is Xbox TV give my Xbox the Red Ring?

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  • 58 votes
Credit Major Nelson:

The following is a direct quote from Major Nelson:

"Xbox 360 Teams Up With Entertainment Leaders to Transform TV

Today we are happy to announce plans to roll out the next generation of TV entertainment on Xbox LIVE. We have nearly 40 world class TV and entertainment providers coming to Xbox LIVE including: Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO, Verizon FiOS and Syfy in the U.S.; BBC TV and radio in the U.K.; Telefónica in Spain; Rogers On Demand in Canada; Televisa in Mexico; ZDF in Germany; and MediaSet in Italy, that will begin rolling out to consoles in more than 20 countries this holiday.

Entertainment Partners on Xbox 360 (Existing and New)

• ABC iView – Australia
• AlloCiné – France, Germany, Spain, U.K.
• Antena 3 – Spain
• Astral Media’s Disney XD – Canada
• AT&T** – U.S.
• BBC – U.K.
• blinkbox – U.K.
• Bravo – U.S.
• BSkyB** – U.K.
• Canal+* – France, Spain
• Channel 4 – U.K.
• Channel 5 – U.K.
• CinemaNow (Best Buy) – U.S.
• Comcast – U.S.
• Crackle – Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S.
• Dailymotion – Available in 32 markets
• EPIX – U.S.
• ESPN** – U.S.
• Facebook** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
• FOXTEL** – Australia
• GolTV – Spain
• HBO GO – U.S.
• Hulu – Japan
• Hulu +**– U.S.
• iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) – U.S.
•** – U.K., U.S.
• LOVEFiLM – Germany, U.K.
• Manga Entertainment – U.S.
• Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports – Canada
• Mediaset – Italy
• MSN with – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, U.K.
• MUZU.TV – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K.
• Netflix**– Canada, U.S.
• Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) – Canada
• RTVE – Spain
• SBS On Demand – Australia
• Syfy – U.S.
• Telefonica – Spain
• Televisa – Mexico
• “The Today Show” – U.S.
• TELUS** – Canada
• TMZ – U.S.
• Twitter** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
• UFC – Canada, U.S.
• Verizon – U.S.
• VEVO – Canada, U.K., U.S.
• VimpelCom** – Russia
• Vodafone Portugal** – Portugal
• YouTube – Available in 22 markets
• ZDF – Germany
• Zune** – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain

* Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or other subscriptions/fees required. Kinect functionality varies by feature, provider and region.
** Denotes existing partners on Xbox LIVE available today."

video credit: Xbox channel via Youtube
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Is anyone able to see the video? I used the "youtube" brackets, but I don't think it posted the video
Is anyone able to see the video? I used the "youtube" brackets, but I don't think it posted the video
Originally Posted by SpectreSubZero
I've fixed it for you. This really isn't documented anywhere, but here's the format for embedding a YouTube video:


The above example will embed the following video:

PS: I'm adding this to new (and actually helpful) Help Center. That will debut sometime next week.
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I have HBO but my cable company doesn't support HBO GO. So I'm hoping the xbox will.
I already use my xbox for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and ESPN
I have been look all over the place to see how the HBO G0 is going to work. As of right now they have to verify your subscription through the cable company and not all are supported so I really hope they have another way around it for the xbox.
I'm a little undecided on this at the moment. It's a good idea, yeah, but when you add up your XBL subscription, then a Netflix subscription, Hulu + subscription, ect it ends up being as much or more than just paying for regular TV. I guess we'll see, lol.
Let the Chaos begin...

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...Because everyone needs a little Chaos in their life.
The thing is though... I have all these subscriptions regardless (xbl, netflix, hbo). So being able to access the services through my xbox is just another Plus, with no additional cost.
The additional cost is really the Gold subscription, which I believe is outdated. The fact that I can use those other services in one place should only be an incentive for me to buy and use the system, not an excuse to pay more.
Other then playing games i only use Netflix and Youtube you got achievements for watching movies like on netflix 100G for watching 100 Movie/Tv episodes
Are you saying there are achievements for watching netflix or you "wish" there were?
I am saying i wish there where achievements for watching movies and stuff . achievements for watching 25-100-1000-1000+ movies.even thow it will never happen
dont care about tv on my xbox. i have it to play games. plus tv sucks now. alll comercials
Not hugely bothered about TV on my xbox, I have a laptop for that.
I voted Is Xbox TV give my Xbox the Red Ring? Because it is so funny

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