Next Xbox games to-be only playable on one console?

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Used games are part of a huge business operation that provides jobs and allows players to purchase the same games, but for cheaper costs because they're open and used.

It looks like Microsoft will be taking the next Xbox to a step further to alter that process and get rid of the used game business for good. But is it a good idea?

We're talking about lots of jobs at stake because Microsoft doesn't agree with used game sales. Why not take a chunk of the cash that secondary sales make and give it to the developers of the game? I mean, if your going to make a business out of other peoples games, the game maker should be allowed a stake at that sale.

Now, not only will they not get a stake at the sale, but used game business' like GameStop won't even be able to resell these new games unless they are combined as a package with the console that they were played on.

You can't take your game over to your buddies house to play unless you take and play on your console, because the disc won't work on another console but yours.

So what do you guys here think about this? Are they taking things too far and playing with not only peoples jobs, but playing with how you play your games?

Eidos President: Next Xbox Uses Watermarked Discs

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