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I'm selling off most of my nearly 1,300 retail Xbox 360 games across all 3 regions. I don't have them all posted up yet (PAL and Asia regions are 100% up), but I'm adding some almost daily. Got about 150-200 up now I think. I've got the list over on my blog post on TA so I don't have to maintain massive lists across multiple sites. You can view it here:
Added another 40 games to the for sale list on the TA blog post. All games claimed have been paid for so if it's on the list it's available to buy.
20 more added today
removed several that sold. list is current.
Just added *** 82 *** more games to the list

Kinect only games (north American) are next to be posted up. Probably tomorrow or shortly after.
Pulled 19 out of the stack I was originally keeping and put them up for sale today. Still have to get to the Kinect games.
When I get some extra funds I have several I would like to acquire from ya.
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yah id like a few of those also but i dont use paypal they r thieves i wouldnt trust paypal with a nickel but i can send a mo
Chunky, send me a message over live or PM on TA
Updated the list to reflect those that sold and I've added the complete U-Draw bundle and the Tony Hawk skateboard bundle to the for sale list. Shipping included in both bundles.
Just added another 72 games to the list. Some of the new games are Armored Core Verdict Day (just came out this week), Ride to Hell, Payday 2, Lost Planet 3, and more.
Frag, once I get a working console, I'm gonna make you a rich man...
Frag, once I get a working console, I'm gonna make you a rich man...
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Sounds good to me! I like rich...
Frag, once I get a working console, I'm gonna make you a rich man...
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
so your the one that's been buying all the good stuff?

I put out a shout about this in my find any good deals once and I actually bought $200 or so of games from fragem, so I say he's pretty dang trustworthy.

BTW fragem I know I told you I wanted more games, but I have a slight issue to deal with this week so I'm gonna have to postpone my next oreder till next paycheck.. 2 weeks...sorry.
I wish. With the shutdown, I am in even harder financial times. Once it's all figured, I'll have some excess cash for Frag here. In the meantime, go for it.
No worries guys.

BTW, added 2 new PAL games to the list today, World Rally Championship 1 and Painkiller (Collector's Edition)

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