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Hey Everyone... It's payday and i still need to reach prestige in Black Ops 2. I was seeing if anyone has bought this and there thoughts?.. I'm just looking to freshen up the map list as i have beaten the game on 5 different occasions and prestige once on PC.

I tried searching the web but apparently this is the year of the trolls..
If you are interested in the zombies, I would definitely recommend it as it is incredibly fun. If you are just in it for the multiplayer maps, they are kind of average as two of them are just remakes of old maps (courtyard from WaW and stadium from Black Ops 1). The other two maps are fairly good, but lack anything particularly special that makes them stand out.
Awesome.. Thank You.. As long as they are not horrible I will buy today just to see a change in scenery and switch things up. I do have a question.. When you buy the latest DLC isn't there a option to only play those maps on the main multiplayer menu?.. I'm at work so I can't log in to confirm myself, thought I saw this with vengeance.
Yeah, there is currently a section for the new maps only with a playlist choice of Team Deathmatch, Domination or Moshpit

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