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I would generally like the new xbox but I'm sceptically on the quality of the product on launch date. I will ultimatley by one. I still really enjoy my 360 and feel this gen could go a few more years. I need to see a new fallout, mass effect or a good gears. The new dead rising looks great but I can wait. Does anybody else feel the same?
if i have enough i might get u 1 bro well see not sure how much would cost to ship to yah
I feel the same. I worry that it is going to be another overpriced plastic box with a bit of wiring that they call a console these days. Will wait for the price to drop 1st and then maybe get one but just like you I still enjoy my 360 and will end up getting a one eventually.
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They are all overpriced at launch however the industry knows that the demand will be there and even though there will be plenty of complaining of cost from the consumers end we will still purchase it.
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It's hard to say they are "overpriced" at launch when only one console in history was sold at a profit at launch (the Wii). Most companies lose anywhere from $10-$100 per console sold for the first year+.

Software rights and fees is where they make their money, which is why there is such a push to recoup something from the used game market.
They're probably not overpriced from the business side, but I'm on the consumer side.
I'd rather wait for a price drop, but I'm undecided. I could get a better video card for half the price and still be sitting pretty, so we'll see.
I am not as concerned with cost as I am the quality. I just don't want to by something that's going to red ring on me after 6 months.
Far less likely this time around considering how similar the Xbox and PS are to computer architecture. I even read an article somewhere about how fans will be able to adjust speeds as needed. The 360 couldn't do this, so you couldn't even tell if it was running too hot.

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