WWE 2K14 season pass spans three DLC packs through January 2014

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WWE 2K14 will receive at least three downloadable content packs, all of which are included in the game's newly-announced season pass program. The season pass costs $19.99 (£15.99) and covers the three packs that launch in November, December and January, respectively. Each piece of DLC can be purchased individually.

The first pack, slated to launch in November for $8.99 (£6.99), features NWO-themed characters Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Syxx, Curt Hennig, Scott Steiner and The Giant, the last one being free of charge and available separately from the pack. WWE 2K14's second piece of DLC, the WWE Superstars and Moves pack includes Fandango, Big E. Langston, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Summer Rae, the latter also being free for all players. That pack, set to launch in December for $7.99 (£6.99), also grants players access to 30 new moves and taunts, such as the psycho driver and a two-handed chokeslam.

Lastly, January 2014's DLC offering features legendary wrestlers Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Rick Rude and Jake "The Snake" Roberts along with a free-of-charge Virgil. This pack includes 15 "superstar parts" for use in the game's creation suite, such as Goldberg, Batista and The Undertaker's player models. This final season pass-eligible pack will be available for $8.99 (£6.99).

WWE 2K14 season pass buyers also receive two bonus The Outsiders themed-characters Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in addition to the game's "accelerator," a piece of DLC that unlocks every in-game item and offers players the ability to customize the attributes of all wrestlers. The accelerator will be available for $1.99 (£1.59) on October 29 in North America, then November 1 internationally.

Source: http://wwe.2k.com/index.php/news/sin...nt-in-wwe-2k14

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