Kane & Lynch 2 - Dog Days

Xbox 360

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Hey fellow members' and staff, I trust each off you are all in great health and equally in fine spirits

If any one would like to do a few co-op missions etc on the following games please feel free to shoot me a msg either here or on XBL...

[1] Kane & Lynch 2 - Dog Days
[2] Payday 2
[3] Splinter Cell Blacklist
[4] Army of Two - TDC
[5] Army of Two - TFD
[6] Battlefield 4

Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield soon


Ohh, you can normally catch me online around 00.00GMT, this is really the best time that I can relax and enjoy a game or two when the misses releases me from her thumbs Smile
You can take a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead!!!

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