Your Xbox360, how much have you spent?

Xbox 360

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I have spent quite alot, 4 PAL Xboxs, 1 NTSC Xbox 2 NTSCJ Xboxs, about 600 Retail games & 100 arcade games not to mention all the random DLC I have bought over the years.
Yea no way I want to even think about whatI have spent.. but if you want a rough idea

4 X Boxes

1000ish Retail not including Doubles ..add 50ish more and 100ish XBLA + DLC. Plus storage space for I have three very large DVD racks but I'm actually going to be custom making a new one which will surround my "Man Cave" and hold a bunch more so that I can fully display all My Original Xbox games, the 360's and the One games plus the limited amount of DVD's I actually care to own.

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