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I'm sure we've all spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on our Xbox 360's. I know i have, have you? quickly jot down what you have bought and how much you've spent.

For me:
  • Xbox 360: £449.99 (Launch Premium, With 2 games)
  • Wireless Controller: £30
  • Play N Charge: £10
  • Two Headsets: £20
  • Official Microsoft Steering Wheel: £90
  • 15 Arcade Titles: Approx: £100
  • 37 Retail Xbox 360 Titles: Approx: £1,500

So there you have it, with over £2,000 worth of gaming goods just for the xbox 360. (enough to buy a small family car!)

So there you have it, feel free to embarrass yourself as much as i have and post up the expense of your addiction to gaming.
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360- £200
HDD- £60
HD Cable- £20
Live - £5 a month
3 wireless controllers - £60ish
2 Play and Charge- £40ish
Wired controller (came with 360)
Wireless adapter £60

55 games.

My live account is a pretty poor show as i got it later on only to find i couldnt play with my normal profile.
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I have had 2 Xbox 360's, one of which was stolen when my apartment was broken into.

1st 360 ... $820
Launch Premium (~$400.00)
4 Wireless Controllers ($240.00)
3 Retail Games ($180.00)

2nd 360 ... $1785
6 months later Premium (~$380.00)
4 Wireless Controllers ($240.00)
11 Retail Games ($660.00.. not including Rock Band below)
Wireless Adapter ($100.00)
Live Vision ($15.00.. good deal on eBay) Smile
Battery Recharge Station ($20.00)
Rock Band, Guitar, Drum, etc.. ($150.00)
22 XBLA Titles ($220.00)

Wow, I have to say that I wasn't expecting that big of a difference there. Who knew I owned over a thousand dollars of games and hardware for the 360 alone.
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yeah i havent counted all the PS2/PS3 and Xbox games and now some PC titles.
England is my city
Xbox 500
Elite 600
6 wireless controllers 50 ea.
2 wired controllers
2 play and charge kits
50 games all at full brand new price
zune 60 gb160
zune 30 gb130
Wireless Racing wheel
cooling system
Wireless adapter
almost most $4000 worth total and still going
basically i got every accessory. now Im Broke and without a job. going to be a while until i invest anymore on this Devilish System.
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"Be careful of what you wish for."
forgot about this thread. well i got an elite a while back so an extra £260.
England is my city
I just thought it would be easy for me to start things slow on here by looking at the older threads.
"Be careful of what you wish for."
Fair enough Zhuman. At least it's not the old 30 page bump... *shudders*

I got an elite too, so that's 260 quid.

May get another controller soon.

Really, I'm a bare old school gamer.

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With this upcoming dashboard update, I'm hoping to get myself a 120GB hard drive for my 360. The HD upgrade has been long overdue but the thought of saving entire games to my HD has me putting it high on my birthday and Christmas list.
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Thought I'd update this thread as well. Since my birthday last week, I went ahead and bought that 120GB hard drive. I love being able to save more than 4-5 demos at a single time. Oh and installing games to the hard drive? No problemo. I wish it went down in price though. That is my own complaint. Smile
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7 xboxs-2500$ 15 or 16 control pads----500$ 451 retail games----2000$ 600 plus arcade titles----over 500$ battery chargers---about 100$ kinect n mount----150$ cooling fans----65$ 10 years of gamestop---150$ 3 vision cameras----50$ 12 wired mics---150$ 3 wireless mics----100$ rental games---over 500$ combined 10 years of xbox live over 700$ total in all im nearing 7,000$ buks ive spent over the last 10 years ive had xbox
i almost forgot the numerous hard drives ive bought i have 3 20gb 2 60gb 1 120gb 2 250gb n here recently i got a 320gb
Too much but not enough.
1 60gb xbox,
3 release games,
200 preowned games,
100 rental games in 12 months at £9.99/month.

1 250gb xbox slim and a kinect off my wife for xmas(felt sorry for me after I took a sledgehammer to my old xbox for breaking down)
4 controllers given to me for free,
10 games as gifts,
and everything else borrowed from people.

Most expensive release game I bought was GH 5 with the guitar as I'm a huge fan but I technically got it for free as I traded in nearly £90 worth of games on that day and didn't have a penny leave my wallet for that and the 4 preowned games I bought that day.
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Xbox 360 Pro 20gb ~£250
Xbox 360 Arcade ~£130
Xbox 360 Slim 250gb ~£175
Xbox 360 elite NTSC £55

About 180 retail games probably averaging £25 each ~£4500
156 arcade games (Inc. WP/win 8) averaging around £8 each ~ £1250

2x GH drum set ~£90
3x GH guitar ~£90
3x GH microphone ~£20
1x RB3 Pro Guitar ~£110
1x RB3 Pro Keyboard ~£20
2x play and charge kits ~£20
5 years of live - £150
Kinect ~£80

Totalling just under £7000
Even more of you include the 500 for my surface and the 150 for my WP, although I left them out as I use them outside of gaming.

Seems a bit high to me, I may have overestimated the amount spent on games
2 Xbox 360 Premium consoles
2 Xbox 360 elite Consoles
1 Xbox 360 Slim console
1 Xbox 360 Star wars console w/ Kinect
Purchased Kinect at release prior to SW console
8 years of Live service
300-400 Retail discs
200-300 Arcade Games
WP about 100 games
GFWL about 20 games
W8 about 20 games

2 drum sets, 4 guitars, 3 mics,, MIDI Pro adapter, extra cables, controllers, tvs etc
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Too much.

5 xboxs- 15+ controlers- 6 wired mics- 1 wireless mic- 7 years xbox live gold- 100+ games- 100+ rented games- hd Tv (exclusivley for gaming)- hdmi cable- 2 250gb hardrives- a reclined to play games in- way to much doc and avatar crap- 2 cooling fans. Like I said too much. I wont bother adding it up. My wife would kill me and sell allnmy whit and be able to bury me with the money she made
Quite a bit, 3 Xbox's. 7 XBL Golds, over a 130 XBL Arcade Games. around that many Retail titles, some used some new. 8-10 of the cheap original headsets. A Turtle Beach Headset ($250) 6+ controllers (1 wired) 2 HDMI Cables, Rock Band 2 Kit, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Kit, Some Avatar gamerpic and theme stuff. Way too much lol, I'd be scard to see exactly how much I spent lol. I don't wanna know honestly lol.
Oh wow...where to start

6 PAL Xbox's (down to just 1 now)
1 NTSC Xbox
1 NTSC-J Xbox

about 20-30 different controllers (wired/wireless/turbo)
1 band in a box
5 guitars
1 Keyboard
2 Turtle Beach Headsets
1 Kinect
3 Hard drives

Roughly 300 arcade games
48 Windows 8 Games
30 GFWL Games
roughly 60 WP games
1000-1100 Retail games
7 Years of Gold

Then there is all the DLC and Special editions.

Not a clue what my total would be but I am pretty sure I don't want to know lol
Most of us would have spend quite a bit on our games. It's our habit and our addiction. Smile

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