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any 1 know the work around for this game? ive tried to locate it on my iphone n my android but cannot find it
get-r-done payback is a mother
I did it on my wife's Kindle Fire. Doubt that helps, but you never know.
What are you trying to ask?

You tried to find the android app on your iPhone?

Not all android apps are available to all android devices.


Is your device supported?
i guess i need to update my 3 phones n my tablet cause im not finding any of these free games
get-r-done payback is a mother
I played this on my kindle Fire as well.
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yah i think i just saw 1 on ta ill try that
get-r-done payback is a mother
If you find the emulator, post it here, I started it on a friends phone and I don't know if I'll be able to grab that back from him to finish it.
i click the link on ta n it dosent work
get-r-done payback is a mother
Nice game, i love it
It is fun, the new one Wordament Snap Attack is just as good if not better. At least I'm better at it. You should check it out as well. Don't know if it's on Android or iPhone at the moment, but it is on Windows 8.

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