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I don't feel the Wii was ripped off atall there.

It's not like the "channel" set-up that the Wii has, there's seperate sections to this one, rather than just a 'cluster' of everything that you have on your system.

It's more like the Playstation set-up if anything (for the PS3+PSP) but it looks alot less user-friendly then the original Xbox Dashboard.
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looks alright to me. the options aren't scattered everywhere, and it's sectioned rather nicely. it's just something new we'll have to get used to.
all systems now have an avatar thing and i thinks its good. This gens systems are closing the gap on each other for example a few 360 games are cross 360/PC eg shadowrun and some time AoC. And why shouldnt companies do what is successful? If avatars work then use them. It's a small thing that can draw people in...which is what sony,ms,nintendo want.
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