Castle Crashers and Braid prices are not what we expected

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With the release of Geometry Wars 2 today, the Xbox 360 summer of arcade event has officially kicked off. The summer of arcade event boasts three additional Xbox Live Arcade releases which are all expected to come in the next 30 days.

Two of these releases include the much anticipated Braid (August 6) and Castle Crashers (August 27) game titles. While the other upcoming titles feature a pricetag of [mspoints]800[/mspoints], Braid and Castle Crashers are now expected to carry a much higher pricetag. The official Japanese Xbox 360 blog has listed Braid at [mspoints]1200[/mspoints] and Castle Crashers at a whooping [mspoints]1800[/mspoints].

These prices have not been confirmed for the North American or European markets so we cannot say for sure if these prices are accurate. However, the prices for XBLA titles are typically the same across all markets. With Braid coming next week, we'll hopefully hear a confirmation on these prices soon.

To convert 1200MS points to your native currency, check out this link.
To convert 1800MS points to your native currency, check out this link.
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£15 for castle crashers?!!? That $30 ffs...

As a fan of newgrounds, I won't be playing that game until they take the price down, at least to less than £10...
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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