Tom Clancy's HAWX delayed for a 2009 release

Xbox 360

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Ubisoft has announced today that they will be delaying the Tom Clancy's HAWX release date. While the game was penciled in for a release in September, retail shelves will likely see this action flight simulator between January and March of 2009. Ubisoft has not provided an official statement giving a reason for the delay at this time.
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I remember for the old driving games like GT4, you could get a full seat with built in pedals and steering wheel and screen mount at the front. Basically a car's drivers port in your room. Imagine one of those but with an interchangeable wheel mount, so you could fit like... a joystick and control the plane in a realistic seat with built in vibration and speakers!!!

This Game would be SOOO much more badass like that!

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i saw a trailer for this and was instantly turned off. seriously unless tht was a pre pre pre pre build of the alpha version im going nowhere near it. hopefully theyll clear it up as we need a goof flight game with guns.
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