Stop time with Geometry Wars 2 secret 3D mode

Xbox 360

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As if the latest Geometry Wars 2 game title wasn't trippy enough, a fella by the name of ModiusX11 has uncovered a secret code which will enable you to scope the Geometry Wars playing field in glorious 3D. While playing any of the single player modes, simply press RB (right bumper) and the back button at the same time. Once you've activated this nifty code, your action is frozen in time giving you the ability to browse the Geometry Wars universe in 3D. According to the official Geometry Wars 2 forums, this little known feature was used as a development tool to help debug the game's graphics. While this feature won't help your high scores, it does make for some awesome screenshots like the one above.
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the game looks interesting...what are you meant to do in it?
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