Rock Band DLC: More Crue Fest and SOAD on Tuesday

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The growing list of Rock Band tracks will grow even further with 5 new tracks available for download starting on Tuesday. More Crue Fest tracks will find their way to XBLM at the price of [mspoints]80[/mspoints] each and [mspoints]240[/mspoints] bundled together. In addition, 2 tracks from System of a Down's hit album, Toxicity, will make their way at [mspoints]160[/mspoints] each. These new tracks, available Tuesday, have been listed below:
  • "Rescue Me" by Buckcherry ([mspoints]80[/mspoints])
  • "Face Down In The Dirt" by Motley Crüe ([mspoints]80[/mspoints])
  • "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx AM ([mspoints]80[/mspoints])
  • "B.Y.O.B" by System of a Down ([mspoints]160[/mspoints])
  • "Toxicity" by System of a Down ([mspoints]160[/mspoints])
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omg, system of a down? eric, please get this so we can rock out on it.
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those SOAD songs would be awesome to theory.
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I recon their there to prepare us all for Chop Suey on Rock Band 2.

Although I'm probably going to get Toxicity, that song is awesome.
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