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This is when the US really has an edge over the UK. They get all these crazy collectable things that we dont. I mean, all we'll get is a gold Lancer for online. This is Gears not "Pimp My Gun"! And certainly is not Army of matter how fun that game may be.

Anyway the gun makes rumble noises when batteries are put in to mock a chainsaw noise.

I don't know what it is but since Gears of War I've had a thing for collectors editions if the game is worth it. I got a Big Daddy figure with Bioshock with the fancy case and was pleased with it. Hopefully this will make its way over. For now I'll have to wonder if AC is worth it again for the Altair wait, that's too far.

7th November will be one hell of a day for avid Gears fans like myself, hopefully online will be better this time around.
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Boy, I wish I had an extra $140 I could throw towards a weapon collectible like that. It looks amazing despite never truly getting into Gears of War.
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I saw this on The Escapist's website, and thought that it was cool looking, but a very childish "toy" to promote Gears 2 (although on reflection, Gears is a very childish view on war).

There won't be any more on sale when my mom next goes to America and, coinsidently, picks up my Destroyer Pedal for my Rock Band drum kit, I can't wait for that to get to me.
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But when its all said and done gears is a great game. probably one of my best. Even if online didnt live up to much.
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