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Never thought a sequel to this would come out. The first game was filled with quirky humour such as relentlessly beating up your own jester and murdering Hobbits but this goes down in the "most unexpected sequels" list. It was filled with fun elements but it had quite a few flaws as well such as having to search for special artifacts to power up, then finding another class of minion to advance further and then having to travel back and forth to get the right ones. It had the elements of a great game but was rushed in execution. Let's hope it gets a decent touch up.

And in other news the Wii is getting the first Overlord sometime soon.

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Never played the first one, might pick it up for the Wii though, Squad combat seems to be a good idea for the Wii.

If the first one is any good I'll look into the sequel.
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if you've never played it, think Pikmin meets Fable.

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