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Microsoft has officially confirmed a price drop for the Xbox 360 here in the good ol' United States of America. Starting this Friday, September 5, 2008, those who have yet to purchase an Xbox 360 will be able to grab an Xbox 360 Arcade for the reduced price of $199.99. Of course, Microsoft didn't stop there. The price reductions have been given the full xbox 360 treatment with a standard Xbox 360 going for $299.99 and an Xbox 360 Elite going for $399.99. For those of you skimming the news today, let me sum up the price reductions below:
Xbox 360 Arcade $199.99
Xbox 360 $299.99
Xbox 360 Elite $399.99
You can also check out Microsoft's full press release by following this link.
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our arcade pack is £159 over here. And the elite is £259 (i think) cant remember the premium. just hope i can get a few £ off the elite when i trade my old one in.
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Eargh... I traded my old 360 in after the price drop... You'll get 90 quid IF you're lucky, Billy....

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ill get 70 off and ill pay about £120 for it as ill be trading other things. its what i was expecting common sense if you look at the price. i wasnt expecting anything big for it, just wanted the price below £200.
England is my city
Fair enough. It's about time you got a Elite. But, you spend a lot of time on the PC too, so maybe you don't need it?

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Bah, now my cousin will be able to get a 360!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with him through XBL... Hopefully.
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was posted on Kotaku, UK will not be seeing a price drop.

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