Duke Nukem 3D (very likely) coming on September 24th

Xbox 360

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According to the game's developer, 3D Realms, the much-anticipated Duke Nukem 3D is expected to hit the Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace on September 24th. Since Microsoft has yet to confirm or announce the release date themselves, we can't say for sure whether or not you can call in sick for that eventful Wednesday, September 24th. We will keep you all updated. In the meantime, check out our achievements page for Duke Nukem 3D and stock up on bubble gum.
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Well, that's all good and well, but WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT DUKE NUKEM FOREVER?

Sorry about that, but E3 left us with some kind of expectancy.
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well what happned was that Valve stole the Source engine from the Duke Nukem guys and thats why its taking so long.....and they havent started making it yet....ill stop with the De Rez jokes now.

I expect itll come out some time next year. not sure about getting this though. I just have too many other games that i want to get this year. plus uni is starting soon and most of my money is going on travel so ill be needing to spend money less...and by that i mean gears of war 2 and mirrors edge this november.
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