Xbox 360 Price Cuts Coming to Europe on Friday

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Following the price cuts in North America and Japan, Microsoft has cut the price of new Xbox 360 consoles in hopes of expanding their worldwide market even further. To give you an idea of how much you'll save by purchasing a Xbox 360 now, here are the reduced prices:

Xbox 360 Arcade
Previously: €179.99
Now: £129.99
Xbox 360 Premium/Standard
Previously: €239.99
Now: £169.99
Xbox 360 Elite
Previously: €299.99
Now: £229.99
Will this give Killak, our most active poster, a reason to purchase the Xbox 360? Perhaps. More on this as the story unfolds..
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glad i traded mine before the cuts or i would have only gotten £40 or so.
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I'm gonna get an elite, so relax people. I just have to do some saving first. Most of the Microsoft exclusive games I plan to play will be on my new laptop (in the process of buying it now), but If I can, an elite is definitely on the list. I've had an 360 before, and I wouldn't mind it again... : P

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its now the cheapest current gen console. go MS...and in Japan its beating wii and ps3 in sales. However its porbably because they all own them anyway. Like in the EU the PS3 started to sell because we all had our 360s...or wii.
England is my city

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