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The Unreal Engine 3 powered action and adventure title, Mirror's Edge, has been given an official release date by Electronic Arts and DICE today. The announcement comes after PC gamers were told Mirror's Edge would be released in 2009, rather than 2008. So when can you expect to pick up Mirror's Edge? Well Electronic Arts and DICE have confirmed a November 11, 2008 release date in order to compete with many popular Xbox 360 Holiday titles this year. PC gamers will still need to wait for their official release date, however, since EA only stated the PC version would be out later this winter.

Alongside the big release date announcement, Electronic Arts also revealed some juicy details about a Mirror's Edge demo. The demo will consist of a scene from the single-player campaign and the famous tutorial stage featured in E3 and PAX gameplay videos. If you're wanting some more Mirror's Edge gameplay before launch, do yourself a favor and pre-order the game after September 26 for an exclusive code which unlocks the time trial mode within the demo.
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I'm an almost rabid lover of this game! It looks intense, gorgeous and massive fun! I'm damn happy the release date has stayed in November, then I can get some quality time with it before I go back to switzerland...

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i'm looking forward to this, but i had no idea it was coming so soon. sounds good
im just glad therell be a demo. November will be a good month

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mirrors edge
WoW lich king

i'll get some ps3 exlusives for christmas...otherwise i wont have any money.
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sorry guys but no demo, there was some confusion. There will be a demo...just not now. the 26th was for the pre orders.
England is my city

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