New Xbox 360 advertising campaign may scare the small children it's aimed at

Xbox 360

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To the uninitiated, this screen would give no indication as to what product was being advertised, but Microsoft have chosen the trailer the screen is taken from to be the new 360 advertising campaign. Taking a leaf out of the crazed Sony marketing team's book, responsible for the iconic, but still downright random Life with Playstation campaign, Microsoft have chosen to go down this weird route, with groups of people playing games in the back of other people heads. It's all a bit freaky, although at least the 360 campaign features some actual games in it, such as Lego Batman and Rock Band, using elements of the video download service too.

The advert isn't all that Microsoft plan to do in the campaign, they wan't to incorporate TV, Radio, Cinema, and other digital outlets, meaning that we'll probably all be sick of the campaign in just a few week or so. is also going to be involved, as what Microsoft are calling 'the ultimate transformation' will be happening tomorrow. What this will actually entail, we don't know, but it's sure to try and attract as many people to the system, especially after the recent price drops that have gone on around the world. Get ready to see the advertising campaign very soon.

This is the actually AD
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I quite like it but i was upset when they banned the ad in the mall where everyone made guns with thier fungers and stuff. that was the best. The first PS3 ads were strange as there werent any games reflecting the people in the ads.
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Yeah i like what they have done also. Never seen it on the box so i have no idea if its on over here.
Wow, that ad up there is creepy. I haven't seen it playing here in the states, but I've seen a very similar ad running on the TV for Rock Band 2. My girlfriend and I both agree with how creepy it was too. Here's the ad I was talking about:

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Yeah that's the one id seen looks like this is there new marketing style lol.
well the people in the back of her head dont seem too pleased.
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I think you might get a bit of a head ache don't you lol?
I saw this on the box at about 1am (just after work ended.. -_-) and it really made my day! Hilariously abstract! I certainly hopeMicrosoft keep their ads as mad as this for good!

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Yeah me too. I also hope that they keep making them new family things as well.

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