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I've been meaning to post this thread for awhile, but I had no picture to show what I call a "personal achievement". So let's say your playing a Xbox 360 or XBLA game and you do something incredible. You may expect an achievement unlocked message to come but it never does. Has this happened to you? Of course, we suggest checking out the achievements for each game if you're playing it for gamerscore. Still, you can't help but think that some achievements are worthy of being recognized anyway.

To give some idea as to what I'm talking about, check out the attachment. I can't help but feel like I did something great; I achieved 30 goals in a game of FIFA 07.I think this should be an achievement, you think? Or how about scoring over 100 points in a game of Madden? Have you done anything crazy in any of your games which you think should be an achievement too? Let us know of your own personal achievements you're proud of. Pictures = Bonus points!

I was playing on amateur skill level, 20 minute halves and against the worst rated team in the game.
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