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Those wishing to avoid or circumvent the update of all updates coming later this fall have been outsmarted once more. Staying offline will only postpone the installment.

Every new game coming out will contain the necessary code to obtain the new update without any choice. Therefore users can either just play old games or quit altogether. Either choice looks unlikely.

For those accepting of the update, especially looking forward to the Netflix feature will be happy to know that Netflix and Starz are now in cahoots meaning more content to stream. Also partnering in is CBS and ABC with continuous streams of their shows 24 hours after they are aired. Neato.

So they took a page off of Sony's in disc update system. Microsoft seem to be learning. IT's really amusing to see the other consoles influencing each other. Microsoft changes because of Sony, and Sony changes because of microsoft!

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Sony still have a long way to go. PS3 has been out since october 2006 (USA) and apart from MGS4 which lasted a couple of hours it still has yet to make me go "wow, made a mistake buying that elite!" Im just using it for blu ray right now.
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I never said Sony was better, mate. I was just saying that it's interesting to see competitors influencing each other.

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I didnt say they were worse. both have ups and downs.
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So you think Sony's edge is their hardware, while the 360's is their software?

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If you look at exclusives then yes. the 360 even has the edge on multiplat games as the technology it uses is easy for devs to use whereas the wii and sony use technology that isnt widely availbale yet. In fact the 360 being a low spec platform is actually a great strength (i find that amusing).
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Nice one. However, I do think discs may become obsolete soonish. Apparently, Flash drives and downloadable games are the way to go, according to the hearsay of technology developers.

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The only down side to that is that you'll never "own" the game. The advantage of a disc is that its yours. The thing i dont like about I Tunes is that what you buy is still Apples, you cant transder it to anything else. Steam have a good idea in that the game is on your account so you dont have a disc but you do have unlimited downloads if you uninstall. It'll be a while though. Even with all the music download torrents we havent moved on from CDs.
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