Rock Band DLC - Week 47 "Offspring Pack + 6 tracks from various artists"

Xbox 360

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Some more Offspring to go with "Come Out and Play (Keep them Separated)"

The whole pack is worth [MSPOINTS]440[/MSPOINTS] and the tracks are:
  • “Gone Away” - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
  • “Pretty Fly” - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
  • “Self Esteem” - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]

Would've liked to see "Original Prankster" but beggars can't be choosers I guess.

And the other singles being released are:

“Stop!” by Against Me! - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
“All Right Now” by Free - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
“Cream and Bastards Rise” by Harvey Danger - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
“Nearly Lost You” by Screaming Trees - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
“Push It” by Static-X - [MSPOINTS]160[/MSPOINTS]
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