Ensemble Studios is closing its doors.

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In a strange turn of events it appears that Halo Wars developer is closing its doors. Microsoft announced late last evening that they are pulling the plug. More widely known for the Age of Empires series, and solely the Age of Empires series, Ensemble branched out to work on the aforementioned Xbox 360 RTS. The good news though is that they will shut down after Halo Wars is complete.

Microsoft contributed the shutdown to some "fiscally rooted" cause. The fact that creating a Halo game can't keep a developer afloat may ring ominous to some ears.

weird, i'd like to know the real reason behind this. they weren't that big in the first place though.
The age of empires series was AMAZING tho.
I'm not an RTS fam so Halo Wars isnt on my wishlist but it's always sad when a company has to close. Wonder if anyone will try and pick up Age of Empires???
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Wasn't Ensemble Studios based here in Dallas, TX? Man, such a good developer has been lost. The Age of Empires series FTW
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Ridiculous... For a while, the phrase "Age of Empires" was synonomous with "Hardcore Gamers". To see a pioneer of the modern strategy game go under is sad indeed.

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Yeah Eric they where.
Ensemble Studios - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On September 9th, 2008, it was announced that Ensemble will be closing after release of Halo Wars. According to multiple independent reports, all non-essential staff have been laid off and remaining staff have been given incentives to remain until the completion of the project. Microsoft issued an internal statement on September 10th, 2008 which was then leaked to the public.
Ensemble Studios - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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