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I finally caved in. After recieving 300 pounds of tips (600 dollars), I finally decided to buy meself an XBOX 360 Elite!

The games I have on it are all my previous faves:

Mass Effect
The Orange Box
Perfect Dark Zero.

(More to come when they come out!)

And, more importantly, I got a game I've never played before, Lost Odyssey!

And what's more, I'm addicted to it like moths to a flame. WHAT A GAME! The way dream sequences are in prose is GENIUS! One of the memories in the game brought my sister to tears. Writing is VERY powerful, and for too long have people overlooked the strength of the written word in favour of long and drawn out sequences. It's like half game, half book!

This game may be the source of my very first review. Well, when I finish it. I'm only on disc one of four. (Didn't think I would play a multiple disc game until FFXIII came out! It's so much fun knowing I'm only in the first quarter!)

I'll post a pic of my new setup soon! I've redone my room so my XBOX, PS3, TV and laptop are all within reach! My TV has enough SCART points for all devices including a freeview box (For US people... It's like free cable channels for a one off payment)!

Any recommendations for a good relatively new 360 game I can get? It's time I got some new ones, as I've played most of the old ones on my old 360 premium!

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Very nice, man. An elite is something that I would love to invest in. Most important to me is the hard drive space. With the cost of the 120GB HDD unit itself, the Elite becomes a tad cheaper. But hey, I'm glad you caved in. Go ahead and add your gamertag, buddy!

As for games, I'm glad you got Mass Effect. That game is flat out AMAZING. My recommendations for now would be Castle Crashers. I doubted it at first but after playing it, it's hard not to get addicted. Smile
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I wish I could add my gamertag, but without a wireless or a hard line reaching my room, I haven't got any online access. I may invest in a mobile wireless system, but I don't know if it can work on the 360.

I also just got Infinite Undiscovery. What a game!

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if you like that, you'll love every other rpg on the 360, because IU isn't even that great. even the achievements are a major pain. i'm currently going for the Compulsive achievement on my Hard playthrough. let me know if you need help at all.
I just like it because I played the old SO: Till the end of time on the PS2, and I like the way the battle system is familiar, but at the same time new! I can see what you mean by it not being that great, but in the end, it's a good yarn. But Lost Odyssey. Now, THAT is brilliant.

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Nice man. Good luck with the internet thing.
Go to PC World on the great west road (a bus stops right outside). they have a great range of wireless routers. Just take off the one you have, plug the new one in, install the router and you should have wireless. no need to change plans or anything. Then get a signal booster (dont know the actual name but itll be in the same section.) and place it on the floor below your room and youll get a great signal. Chris can get his 40% to an 80% just by doing that. and youll need a wireless adapter for the 360 unless you want wires.
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Sounds like a plan.

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