Tekken 6 announced for 360

Xbox 360

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Another developer sees the light once more, and avoids limiting a game to the PS3, as Tekken is coming to 360 this time round. The only other time the series has appeared on a non Sony console was for the one-off Tekken Advance, which makes this a very special event indeed. Following in the footsteps of Final Fantasy XIII at E3, the announcement was a highlight of the keynote it took place in. The game is set to include the recent Japanese arcade update Bloodline Rebellion, which adds new characters and tweaks to the Tekken formula. Another Sony exclusive that has come over to the Xbox side, what a surprise.

Thank fucking god. I've been playing Tekken since it first hit the arcade.
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i kinda saw it coming with soul calibur 4 (even though the older ones were multi). good new though as i miss the games.
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Yeah let even more button bashing commence.
Cant wait for this going to be nice to be back on the good old days.

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