Tomb Raider: Underworld Demo Goes Live

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Major Nelson has informed us that the Tomb Raider: Underworld demo has been made available for all to enjoy this morning. Download it and give it a few plays but don't forget to share your impressions in our discussion forum setup for this game. We love to hear them!
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as an old TR fan i really hope theyve turned the game around with this one. ill get the demo when i can hook up my xbox again so maybe next week.
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Im not really a fan of Laura Croft bysides me wanting to screw her(Angelina) the game looks good but I hate that style of play. at times on the demo i got lost on were to go... better us that camera angle good to get through this game.
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i just hope its better than the others post tomb raider 3. apparently after that it went a bit downhill. Angel of Darkness wasnt bad but it wasnt tomb raider. Plus we need more adventure games rather than just shooters. Theyre fun but we need some variety.
England is my city
The remake of Tomb Raider (as in Anniversary) was brilliant, and I liked legend. I hope they bring back the whole "Fighting occult demons" thing, as that's what attracted me to Anniversary. Going through an egyptian tomb fighting anubis servants rocked my world. (Especially with double deagles)

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