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If you've been holding out on expanding your Xbox Live Arcade game library, you're in luck! Okay, so maybe only Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the United States are the lucky ones.

Microsoft's Major Nelson announced today that Microsoft will be offering it's own Black Friday deals right from the comfort of your home. Fire up the Xbox Live Marketplace and you'll find some fairly tasty discounts starting this Friday and extended throughout the weekend.

For the full list of items being discounted, check out our handy list below.

Xbox Live Arcade Discounts
  • Rez HD (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Arkadian Warriors (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Assault Heroes (originally 400) discounted to [mspoints]250[/mspoints]
  • Catan (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Brain Challenge (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Boogie Bunnies (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Golf: Tee It Up! (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
In-Game DLC Discounts
  • Guitar Hero 3: Metallica "Death Magnetic" Album (originally 1440) discounted to [mspoints]1000[/mspoints]
  • Forza: March Car Pack (originally 400) discounted to [mspoints]250[/mspoints]
  • Crackdown: Getting Busy Bonus Pack (originally 800) discounted to [mspoints]500[/mspoints]
  • Rock Band: All That Remains Pack 01 (originally 440) discounted to [mspoints]290[/mspoints]
  • Lips: The Remedy by Jason Mraz (originally 160) discounted to [mspoints]100[/mspoints]
Xbox 360 Theme Discounts
  • Gears of War 2 Last Day Premium Theme (originally 250) discounted to [mspoints]180[/mspoints]
  • Sonic Unleashed Premium Theme (originally 250) discounted to [mspoints]180[/mspoints]
  • Castle Crashers Premium Theme (originally 250) discounted to [mspoints]180[/mspoints]
Certain restrictions do apply, however. These discounts are applicable only for Xbox Live Gold subscribers residing in the United States and from Friday to Sunday. If you're looking to snag some Metallica "Death Magnetic" Guitar Hero DLC, now's the time to save some moolah.
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