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Here's the deal: Open up your gamertag profile (via or your 360) and show off the most recent achievement which you have unlocked.

You'd think by writing up this thread, I'd have some kickass to show off but I really don't. Here's my last unlocked achievement, courtesy of a rented (but soon-to-purchase) NBA Live 09 game.

Old School
Win a game with no dunks or 3 point shots in a solo game vs. the CPU.
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hmm, lets see here.

From Fable 2, I haven't got any new games recently, which is annoying.
The Black Knight
You have turned hollow man-killing into an artform. Turns out it wasn't a flesh wound.

The best achievement description ever though.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
My most recent would have to be from Gears of War 2 in single player campaign mode. I'm still a newbie at it so I am playing on 'Casual' *hehe*.

Once More, With Feeling
Perform 30 perfect active reloads
mine was my final achievement for Mirror's Edge.

Access all areas
Unlock all Time Trial stretches
Last achievement I unlocked was the "Test of Faith" I did on hard mode.

God that was fun.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

Slayer of Beasts 20
Killed 300 creatures
Used Car Salesman
Destroyed a vehicle that has three enemies in it in a ranked playlist or in campaign.

Acquired 20/1/2009

I just started this Gamertag.

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