I'm kind of a little pissed...sort of.

Xbox 360

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Basically, what it comes down to is that I want to make a damned avatar, and I don't have XBOX Live, because I don't have a phone line in my room, and I don't have a wireless adapter or whatever for my XBOX.

So I went to the XBOX site, and they say you can download the new dashboard and burn it on a CD. So I click the link they have. And click it. And click it. andclickitandclickitandclickit...because it's not actually a real link, but I was so determined to make it work! So I'm sitting here seeing everyone's little Avatars, and I just want to make one...but it looks like I have to wait for a month and a half 'til I move back to S.F. ...unless my neighbor lets me use his internets (but he doesn't get back from bootcamp 'til mid-December).

Does anyone else have a working link...or even the file on their computer so I can download it?

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