Metal Gear Solid on the 360?

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IGN: Next Metal Gear Gets Green Light?

ok, so on the Metal Gear Solid site there is a very brief teaser which suggests that an MGS could be on it's way to the 360. This isn't confirmed at all but it would be exciting to see an MGS project come our way. Even if it isn't the fourth.
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it's probably Metal Gear Acid on the DSi.
because of the "i" on the site some people thinks its Acid for the iphone. dunno how that would work.
England is my city
yes, iPhone was the other possibility, but DSi would probably make more sense. either way, not a very big deal.
If they do release MGS4 for the 360, they'll have to remove a lot of PS3 douche-faggery from it.

And there is a lot of douche-faggery in that game.
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i doubt theyd do 4 for 360. theres too much to be done to make it worth while. theres script changes which means hiring actors (maybe), blu ray to dvd, graphics and so on. i doubt konami would go that far. but who knows? this gen has had more than a few surprises and the ps3 has lost pretty much all of its older exclusives. Maybe MGS will go the same way.
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