Foo Fighters and Holiday Pack Coming Tuesday

Xbox 360

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Yesterday, Harmonix confirmed the release of the Rockin' The Holiday DLC pack and have now announced yet another DLC pack for next week. Foo Fighters have made the jump to Rock Band with their own DLC pack due out next Tuesday, December 23rd. As you take a look at the songs being made available, you may recall seeing some of these tracks on the Guitar Hero III DLC list. Well, perhaps Foo Fighters would just like the best of both worlds, eh? For a complete list of songs being released as DLC, check out our handly list below.

Rockin' The Holidays 2008 Pack
[mspoints]80[/mspoints] each or [MSPOINTS]240[/MSPOINTS] for the entire pack
  • Hanukkah Blessings by Barenaked Ladies
  • Christmas is the Time To Say I Love You by Billy Squier
  • Blue Christmas by The Pretenders
Foo Fighters Pack
[mspoints]160[/mspoints] each or [MSPOINTS]440[/MSPOINTS] for the entire pack
  • DOA by Foo Fighters
  • Times Like These by Foo Fighters
  • This Is A Call by Foo Fighters

All tracks are master recordings. For all Rock Band DLC song credits, please go here.
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i'll have to tell my friend to pick up DOA. damn good song.

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