Which LEGO games do you want to see?

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With the rumored announcement of a LEGO Rock Band game and the growing popularity of LEGO Batman, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, one must wonder what's next.

Would you like to see a LEGO Rock Band? LEGO Halo? LEGO Mortal Kombat? Spill the beans here.
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Holy shit,
LEGO Rock Band?! This I've got to play/rant on about!

I'd personally like to see something that's a little scarier made into a LEGO version.

Like LEGO Resident Evil or LEGO Condemned
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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id be more excited if lego just released a lego game. i remember when i was a kid there was lego creator and lego trains. There could be great potential there and little big planet (although im not a fan) has proven that games with loads of creativity are popular and a welcome break.
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I think LEGO Resident Evil would be interesting to say the least. I doubt it would appeal to the typical LEGO crowd, though. I really see some potential in a LEGO shooter though, like Halo for example. It was rumored awhile back but it turned out to be an April Fools joke. Anywho, I just want some pew pew in my LEGO games man.
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How about a Lego Doom?
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I can almost imagine a LEGO Gears of War haha. I would love to see an FPS put out under the title.
did anyone ever try lego batman?
England is my city
did anyone ever try lego batman?
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
That was the only one I didn't even demo. I'm curious how it was though. My favorites were the LEGO Star Wars games and I don't even like Star Wars. They're advertising the hell out of the Xbox 360 "family" bundle including LEGO Indiana Jones so I'm guessing that one must have been worth checking out too. I only played the demo on that one so I can't really say much about it.
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That's what I received this Xmas, Eric. Kung-Fu Panda isn't too great however the LEGO Indiana Jones was pretty fun. Marianne and I already completed it 100% however I'm missing about 7 or 8 achievements. Good stuff though. I prefer LEGO Star Wars but I've only played it on the PS3.

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