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IGN: NYCC 09: Gears of War Prequel Talk

It could happen as theres already a tie-in novel about Aspho Fields (or someplace similar). However this isn't really what the franchise needs, prequels just punch more holes into the story. We all remember DMC3 and how boring that was and MGS3, although an amazing story just made all the history in 4 really complicated.
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I wouldn't use MGS3 as an example, man. The history of MGS3 was already apparent when MGS1 was being made, according to Kojime. But, usually, prequels DO add lots of holes. DMC3 was a damn fun game, but it made little sense. It was obviously 20 years behind DMC at least, but still several holes could be found.

So. Is it about the War before the Locust or what?

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even so that history lecture in the church during 4 was way too much even for MGS standards. in fact so was that whole chapter.

read the article. its all we've got to go on.
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Hmm... Not very much... Almost as if slipping us a tiny bone.

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