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At a briefing with Microsoft to discuss the future of Xbox Live, it was revealed that you'll be able to purchase full games, without points, using your credit card. Rating games and content, and then sorting using those ratings, will also make shopping easier. Ars explores the digital plans of the Xbox 360.

Full story with proof HERE
Nice find! I'll be excited to get rid of the points system for purchases, that's for sure. I think a lot of 360 players have grown to dislike the MS points system anyway. What do you think? User ratings for content is pretty neat too, but I can't say that I'll use it that often.
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Yeah it will be nice to be able to not have them few scraps of MS points just sitting there not spendable. As for the ratings it will be nice to see what people think of it but like you said I doubt I will ever use it.

But on the whole it does seem like a logical idea.
it's nice that they still have the option for points. most people don't realize that not everyone has a card they can pay with.
finally! i did not care for that point system at all. but im not gonna be on live for a while. the card i was using to pay for it expired and id rather use those pre paid cards from now on so im waiting for the next big online game until i renew.
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