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What was the last Xbox 360 game that you purchased? I'll be looking for some new games to play soon so I'd like to see what everyone else here is buying.

Recommendations aside, I think it's interesting to see how often people around here purchase 360 games and if it's been awhile. I know for me, the last game I bought was The Bigs and that was of course, used and cheap enough for me to afford at the time. Before that, Madden 2009 back in September 2008.

Share it all, folks!
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Prototype for me, but it's been a while since i picked one up too.
Mine was actually Over G fighters the game is not great but its just fun to play with friends (If you like that stuff)

But yeah it's been quite some time for me, Now that I have server bills to pay and crap >.<
Hitman Blood Money. I really hope a net gen one is in the works. Protoype is on my list though.
England is my city

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