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Xbox is discontinuing their service of making original Xbox titles available for download over Xbox Live.

Ah, I was wondering when this was going to happen. I'm not going to lie, I practically forgot about this program too. I was a classic Xbox gamer but not nearly as dedicated as I am to the Xbox 360 console. With that said, the only other game I'd like to see is Halo 2 for Xbox Originals. Kotaku reported that there would be one more final game being released to the Xbox Originals program, but Microsoft has yet to release the game's title.

Well, I think it had a good run and it did what it was supposed to do for Xbox 360 gamers who loved some of the more popular classic Xbox titles.
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its a shame but cant say i ever used the option. it was always cheaper to go down the road and get a physical copy if i really wanted a title. and the only one was fable.
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Is the option still there for the games that were released, or not? I wouldn't mind playing through the original Halo games when I get my Xbox 360.
yes, they're still included when browsing game content
...when I get my Xbox 360.
Originally Posted by blueshift
Did I just read that right? :stunned: Are you done with the PS3 or do you plan on gaming with both consoles? I'm excited man, feel free to hit me up sometime at Xbox Live.
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I'm playing games on both consoles. Xbox has a lot of games that I really want to play, so I just splashed out on one yesterday. I should get it either today, or tomorrow. Big Grin
Nice one, Jon. Now you can chill and play! Maybe the new Star Ocean? I see it in your sig.

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it doesn't look like you've played any of those long enough to know for sure. Infinite Undiscovery in particular starts very badly, but it picks up after the first castle.
I'm already quite enjoying Infinite Undiscovery, but Star Ocean left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure on that game at all. And I really enjoyed the older ones.

I'll probably pick it up again someday, when I've finished my assortment of other titles. Big Grin
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Havent touched SO4 yet... I loved 1 til 3 though, so I hope it impresses. I DID get the remakes for the SO games on PSP and still have my original copy of SO3 (Till the end of Time) on PS2.

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Well, it didn't strike me as anything amazing, but I'm sure the story will hit off later in the game. I'm obviously a brand new gamer to the Xbox, so there are a lot of titles I'm waiting to play, and don't particularly want to tie myself down to a game that I may, or may not, enjoy.

I'll leave it on the "rainy day" pile. Big Grin
I do recommend the Condemned series to you. A solid horror if you're looking for some jumpiness, Jon...

Also, the Halo games are worth a crack. Some people liked Blue Dragon, and others enjoyed Lost Odyssey. LO is pretty good, but I got stuck at some point and my old job left me little time to complete.

Their are a few other RPGs that are good, but those are the main ones.

Oh, and Enchanted Arms. But then, the director's cut is on PS3, and that's probably the version you want to pick up.

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I have quite a few RPGs already. Star Ocean, Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms, Overlord, Overlord II, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect.. :P

I literally have about 30+ games lined up to play this Summer. Good times!

I only actually OWN Mass Effect, Infinite Undiscovery & Star Wars: Force Unleashed (all 3 for £20 Big Grin), but everything else is on a continuous rental loop when I complete a game and send it back. Hence why I only have 1 or 2 achievements in the games I own. Stick Out Tongue
Lol, that's excellent. Mass Effect is definitely a keeper.

I haven't played the overlord games though... any good?

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