What do you think of the xbox.com update?

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What do you think of the xbox.com update?
I like it, At first I didn't like it at all but It is growing on me, It is a lot "Cleaner" and nicer to look at.
I like the new recent players screen and the fact that you just hover over someone and you get to see everything you need.

Well what do you all think?!
I like it as well. It was a much needed change to what was shown before, especially after the console update that NXE brought back in Fall. It seems to fit the design of the Marketplace Online website and it's all easier to use now.
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Hate to bump an old thread, but I preferred the old design. This one fits in more with the 'New Xbox Experience', but it seems to load slower. Maybe it's my Internet connection? Plus, the other one was easier to edit your profile on.

I'm surprised the Xbox.com forums weren't redesigned as well, actually.

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