Report: Microsoft CEO Says New Xbox Arriving In 2010

Xbox 360

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at the Executive's Club of Chicago today, reportedly informing attendees that a new Xbox 360 will arrive in 2010, one equipped with a "natural interface" and built-in camera. Sound familiar?

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Well, Major Nelson (of Microsoft) pretty much squashed the announcement from Steve saying that "we are not even halfway through the current console generation lifecycle". I thought that the current generation would last longer than previous generations, mostly because of it's DLC and online capabilities. Who needs another console generation with the ability to update the console and games? Eventually technology as a whole will exceed this console generation and we will advance but I'm quite pleased that it's sticking around for awhile.

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Yeah this is just like the "360 Natal" you could put it, Just like elite pro and arcade just the one up I guess

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