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Alright guys, im finally getting my xbox in about a week, wife is getting it for me as a little present for paying off most of our debt Smile. Don't have the money to buy the Elite, or even the Pro xD, so I think im going with the Arcade version.

Any draw backs on getting this version beside the Hard Drive? What am I missing compared to the other ones? Any tips on how not to brick or get the RROD?

Thank you guys!
just keep it cool and ventilated, lower to the ground too if you have the option. the drawback is no hard drive and i believe no backwards compatibility. i would seriously consider saving a but more for a Pro if you intend to play it very much though. who knows if you'll want downloadable content or full games from Live Arcade down the road.
Hmmm interesting, so that means I can't play Gen 1 Xbox games? Or what?

Would I be able to add a Hard drive later on once i save some more money?
i don't think old games will work with that system, but it's best to ask and make sure.
i believe you can add one though, but buying a hard drive by itself is more expensive.
I played old xbox games on my Core but maybe its changed. But youd need BXL and the HDD to do that. I would reccomend shelling out the cash for the HDD anyway just so you dont have to worry about space but by then you may as well just go pro. As already stated you may want some DLC later on. And stay away from those cheap intercoolers that attatch to the back.
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I bought the Pro/Premium or whatever it is, after a lot of debating. The only draw back between each package, is of course, the hard drive space, and the black finish on the Elite. Which looks dreadful, in my opinion. If I were you though, I'd save up a bit more for the Pro/Premium, as the HDD is extremely useful for Demos and XBLA games, not to mention the option to install games to your HDD to ease off on your Xbox's laser. I think for the extra money it really helps. Smile
Great, so well I might have to go on the Pro then, we have the money for it, but im not going to become a huge gamer (*.....unless I have to! :P*). Here is another thing, is there any modifications that I can do to the pro that might let me play a few games, such as emulators and such?

What about Playing burned games? ModChips and etc..., whats the gaming community think or have in this genre?
I would advise against playing burned games if you are on XBL. MS have something where they can tell if a game is authentic and lock the 360. However this was said on Gametrailers ages ago and most members there are ful of bs. Just take into mind that if you alter the console it will void the warrenty in the case of RROD.
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you can be banned from Live if it detects certain mods and changes, so that can always be a problem. however there are a lot of things you can do in that area if you're really interested in it, you just might have to give up your warranty or Live.
Im not much of a online gamer, I rather play by myself and thats all. Im not much of a super gamer too, I play a selected amount of games and once beaten, thats all to it :P.

Yesterday I went to a local radioshack, there was a arcade xbox for $149.99, and the Pro for $299.99, decided to hold back and wait another month or so we can get a few games and maybe a membership to Xbox Live for a month, then the fun starts with modding :P.
There's more to Xbox Live than online gaming. But gl.
I enjoy some of the Inside Xbox vids and that you dont need to download them. That already makes XBL better than PSN for me.
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the pro automatically comes with a month of free Live when you go to make an account. all of the systems may do that, actually. if you let it expire, it will still be a silver account, which still let's you download things.
I heard they were phasing out the Pros....So idk, the Arcade version seems to be sticking around. Maybe the Arcade is getting a hard drive and few more things :P
I think that may just be a rumour. I don't know why they'd pack in a deal that the majority of people go for.
Well you know Microsoft, I'll look for the page where i got this information from. They MIGHT be reducing the price of the Elite and maybe making a new Top of the Line Model.
Yeah, just saw it online. I guess they're going to reduce the cost of the Elite, in preparation for the PS3 slim.
Well that took longer than a week....I just got my xbox last night and great.....already got E68 error. Im returning it to Radioshack and getting another replacement.

I decided to go with the PRO so ya, im just not happy with what happened. might do a PS3. If it happens again Frown
i hear th3 newer versions have been having just as many problems lately. that notorious yellow light is the main indicator.
Yellow Light? I only see a red light, but im returning the box after work and upgrading myself to the ELITE.

Hardware wise, any difference on pro and elite when it comes to chipset and processors?

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