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To put it bluntly I was not an ME fan back when it released, I found the gameplay a bit of a chore and the ammount of talking annoying, frame rate issues, screen tearing, texture pop-ins.

However when ME2 came out I found myself in a strange place. No matter where I looked, even on the most polarising forums I couldn't find a bad word to be said. My friend tried ME less than a year ago and he didnt complete it either but even he told me how great ME2 was/is.

I then ordered ME again for £8 so it wasn't exactly a huge waste of money like the £40 I shelled out in '07. And do you know what? I got hooked. Completed the main quests in 9 hours. Basically I just wanted the story so I could import my save game and I'm glad I did. Hopefully getting ME2 later today or at least very soon. I'm a bit sad I didnt take more time off for the side quests but I had so much cash and expereince, my character and squad were walking death machines so I didn't see the point. All I had to buy was one assault rifle for myself and everything else I found for free along the path. It's a good time to buy the game as some DLC is coming in March.

Anyone else had a similar experience with games...Please dont include ME2...dont want spoilers
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i don't know how you managed it in 9 hours, but it's good you're getting into the series. as long as you spent enough time with the characters and story of the first one, you'll enjoy the second that much more.
With Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2, I found myself getting hooked into the story and caring for my characters.

I would literally go berserk if Tali died in the first game, and run in head first with a shotgun, killing everyone in sight (she was my favourite character... Not so much in ME2, however)

It's nice to know that you like the game Simon, would like to hear what your opinion of the second one is though.
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Ok, so going over the info at 2 it turned out to be just short of 10 hours for the campaign in the first finished on lvl 33. Just picked up ME2 a couple of hours ago and loving it so far, the combat is much more fluid. Good thing they went for more of a Gears of War style with it rather than the useless system in the first. Just got to the bit where you meet Archangle. I'd love to play more but I'm out tonight so I'l pick up tomorrow.

On a side note I really am impressed with the whole save import system. As I sid before I have a friend who got it too and although he never finished the first he is going to finish it off for the perks. I don't see how he didn't though, that citadel segment is not to be missed!

What choices did you guys make in the first?:

Williams killed Wrex even though I tried to calm him down.
The male character (can't remember his name but Ashley called him KT (?)) died with the bomb
I didn't save the council, they were more of a hinderance.

Even with all this I came out a shining Paragon but I'm going more Renegade in 2
Put Anderson in charge
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In my opinion, you definitely have to play Mass Effect 2 at least a second time. It's just that good of a game. The first time, I played through as mostly a Paragon; the second time, I was a Renegade -- it's cool to see how the game pans out differently depending on how you play.
(It will also be really interesting to see how my different choices will change Mass Effect 3.)

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that some of the funniest Shepherd quotes come when you play as a Renegade.
Just saved the professor in Omega just visted Anderson for a chat. Trying to take it slow with this one, don't want to rush too far ahead like I did with the first. Can anyone tell me where Cerberus fits in with ME1, is there a place you can see them? Like i said, did no side quests and I feel a bit annoyed about having missed them now. Obviously it's easy to learn about them through conversations in 2 but I'm worried that this is all a set up to a really obvious plot twist.
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Cerberus is present in side quests in ME and the like.

They are involved with experiments and stuff, and you investigate their labs and all, taking them down and seeing that they are researching and creating with alien technology.

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Phew, finally beat the core game. My only regret is that Miranda died on the final mission so I'm trying to get her to live. I want to try the new DLC but I want to see if I can keep all the squad alive first. Od thing is that I tried a different strat, Miranda and Samar died in the final cutscene. Might turn down to Casual just for the sake of it. Played that mission so many times it gets boring. It's not even that climactic IMO the only tension is keeping your men/women alive to tell the tale. Looking forward to April and the short expansion!
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these upcoming downloads are reminding me that i probably need a new HD soon.
speaking of which, i've heard 360 will get an update to support external HD's, but only 16 gigs each with a max of two HD's. that would be plenty for me though, so i'm holding out until then.
I'm onto my 3rd run of the game, this time on PC, just to see the differences.

I'm actually enjoying it more on the PC, although that may be due to the fact I'm playing as a Vanguard, the most badass class in the game.

Also scanning planets is no longer painfully slow (yay!)
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I'll certainly play through again but can't say when as I want to see how far I can go with my current character. I never had problems with scanning, I was able to get all the shield, weapon, upgrades for the Normandy quickly.

Playing through the Firewalker DLC now, got my MS points ready for March 30th when MW2 (1200 points) and BC2 get maps although BC2 is free, April 6th is more ME2 (560 points) , April 13th is Splinter Cell Conviction. Don't think I've been this exicted for DLC before.
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1200 is a blatant ripoff. i'm going to avoid it.
Even though I have the points I'll most likely wait for some opinions to roll in but what I've seen in trailers and interviews has me interested and as Splinter Cell is the only new must have game on my list I wouldn't mind extending some old titles.

I've played all the ME2 DLC after keeping all members alive and sold on the next part. Hope there's more to come after Stolen Memories.
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