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So I have been doing some reading on this game called Eve Online. It sounds very interesting. If you don't know about this game, Then it doesn't matter. Im just wondering about CCP's upcoming release Dust 514, And how that will affect Eve. I'd like to enter Eve, But my computer just doesn't have the requirements to do it. I do have a 360 obviously, And think I'll prolly get the game and set myself up as a merc and make tons of ISK. What are your thoughts on all this?
those are the games that are connected, right? it's a cool concept, but i really have no idea how it will work out. Eve isn't very welcoming to newer players, so who knows how it will work out.
Yeah the whole idea behind Dust 514 is that it will eventually melt into Eve, So they become one basically. Cant wait for a major cover story to hit OXM!

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