Do you look like your Xbox Live avatar?

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I've been playing a lot of Full House Poker lately (though I'm not a huge poker fan in general) and this question popped into my head. Does your Xbox Live avatar resemble what you look like in the real world?

I think my avatar takes after me for the most part. What about yours?
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The options aren't as diverse as I'd like, but I'd say so.
Not at all, I think I was looking for something more generic :P, However, my avatar does look young and I am a "Come AƱos" which in english means a "Year Eater," which in short means I look very young for my age :P. Im 24.
Mine is as close to me as I could possibly get it, even down to my cute little beauty spot under my right eye. Wink But the options aren't as diverse as they could be, as OT said.
I'd say its about 50% accurate. Being a bit younger, Changing the way I crop my beard and growing my hair would make things around 95% accurate. However, Im known as a bit of a chameleon, As I do change my appearance a bit too often, You know? Do you know what im sayin'?? Huh? What? WhaT???
Mine used to look pretty close until I got the LABS stuff.... now the full body avatar doesn't look close at all
Yeah mine isnt to bad of a likeness but would be good if there was more options to play about with.
it has my features but doesnt look like me,Long dark hair straight but not really straigh big nose dark skin ect.

But yes I enjoy my avatar he is much better looking than me infact.
My avatar looks similar to me, and I am a police officer, but my uniform looks nothing like that. I'm think of buying the sheriff's avatar uniform from Alan Wake; because it looks more similar to my real one. And yes, I really do where the aviators!

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