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Who uses a mic when playing online? Do you use it for trash talking your opponents, or strategy among your group?

I have a mic (plus the Kinect can double as one) but I very rarely use it. Then again, I haven't played a game where team strategy came into play, and I'm not much of a trash talker. Are there any other silent gamers out there?
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I always have one, and it's disappointing that more people don't use it considering the system comes with one. You're not going to fill out your friend list very quickly by ignoring the social side of online gaming.
I use mine mainly when in a party when we are all playing different games, some games i wont use my mic as i can get a bit loud and ppl can take me the wrong way even if im swearing at my own terrible gameplay.
I use it to talk to my friends while gaming XD;;; My settings are set to where I can't hear anyone who isn't on my friend list. It comes in handy when you don't want to hear or deal with prepubescent bullsh*t.

As for strategy...I guess my friends and I are so used to playing together that we know where to be when to be there??? If that makes any sense HA HA!
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I only really use the mic when I'm in a party, I've recently started using it more since I got BC2, as I chat strategy with my team mate.
I always have my mic on. Though 95% of the time I am playing with my friends or people that I know really well from XBL.
I use a mic for strategy reasons if I'm in a party, otherwise I'm a quiet gamer.
i use my headset most of the time for games that require strategy or chatting in party chat

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