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What does you Gamerscore mean to you?

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× 32 (35.96%) I'm a ScoreWhore!

× 36 (40.45%) I play for achievements but prefer a good campaign mode and challenge.

× 19 (21.35%) Casual gamer, but love the sound achievements make when they pop up.

× 2 (2.25%) I play for fun....who cares about achievements!

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  • 89 votes
I'm a fairly casual player, so I usually go after achievements just for the thrill. It also gives me a chance to go after something I wouldn't normally go after while playing the game.
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I also like the fact that they get you into parts of the game you might otherwise pass over. It really depends on the game though. If its a bad game and I don't like it I will drop it like a bad habit. I won't play a game "just" for the points.
One of the big things is achievement get me to play threw a game on its hardest difficulty u used to always just play games on easy now i have a reason to try the game on hard.

I'll play for as many achievements I can have fun getting; once the fun is out for me, I just hit a wall that is near impossible to crawl over. Those who said they like to pursue them to discover parts of the game they may never have - I'm 100% with you there too.
Yes I'm a ScoreWhore! my Gamerscore just past 180,000 yesterday hopefully 200,000 by September.
I fully quote Keoskey! I live for achievements! XD
Im a really casual gamer, i have xbox live but never play on multiplayer as most gamers take it way to serious and all i want to do is play a game and have a laugh also, i never check to see how to get achievements, if i do get them its just an added bonus.
Can everyone Game score upload automatic in GTN?
I'm a multiplayer player. I rarely wonder into campaign mode. When online goes down, which is rarely, I will play a little bit of the campaign until I rage quit, lol. When I play campaign, I go for the hardest difficulty because I only plan on playing it once. I die a lot, but I like a challenge.
There are a lot of games I would have never tried if it wernt for achievements, some I wish I hadnt tried and others Im happy I did!
i used to be a gamescore whore. i still tecinically am, but find alot less time lately due to having a family. i just find myself be more particular to the games i play now since i have to be wise with my time.
I never cared about gamerscore or completing games, un till about a week ago, when I set myself on COD:BO2 and it set me off to a whole new journey.
I only play in the evenings for an hour or two because of my kids bedtime and my wife watching her tv first but I am a scorewhore and really work towards my achievements when I'm playing.
I use too be a Score Whore, would play anything for achievements. I still go for them, but on games I like. Not gonna play crappy games for achievements anymore.
I'm a mix between option 1 and 2.. I'm a score whore to the point i wont even play a game or try for certain things unless there are achievement/score/rank. That goes for all platforms PC, Console and Mobile.

Now with that said if the game sucks i won't play it just because it has achievement/score/rank ..So I'm a mix of the top two options. That is why the Gamertag you guys see today is sooooo low, i started from scratch so that i could have a cleaned up more meaningful Gamertag instead of a million random games with 1 or two achievements that i will never play again.
I'm definitely a scorewhore, but that doesn't sop me from enjoying great games. As an example, if the game is awesome, I'll sit down and play it at my own pace and enjoy the story etc.

But recently, I have been in so many different competitions and year long ones too. Apart from the GSPM/AHPM any competitions I enter now is just for fun but with that one I won it last year with my team so this year I want to win it for the second year running. But I've barely contributed this year compared to my other team mates.
I love achievements just as much as the next gamer, they make replay so much better then to just beat the game and then walk away from it, I defiantly love going for the elusive or more rare of any achievement. It also gives you some bragging rights, now when you say you beat that game on hard now you can prove it.. Some games I play just for me and have fun with not really caring about achievements too much, others I'm pretty frantic about.. I MP as much as I can this way I can go back to SP anytime at my leisure.

I am NOT however as some would put it a score whore.. personally I think that term is very derogatory I would prefer Achievement Hunter or the like but score whore just... I don't know I just don't like it.. but to each their own.

So I'm sort of an
I actually don't even know what I consider myself. At times, I'm hardcore "achievement/gamerscore mode" but other times I'm all about the online experience.

I consider myself pretty casual, but if I want to I can get pretty intense going for some achievements. I love seeing my gamerscore get bigger and seeing my completion percentage increase, but I especially love online gaming like the Halo's.

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